15 April 2007

Shoe Redux

It might amuse some of you to know that after all my kvetching about
men's shoes and the difficulty of finding same at reasonable prices,
yesterday I found a perfectly serviceable pair of men's 'earth shoes'
with a buckle in my size at Goodwill. Little or no alteration needed
to make them faire-presentable.

Never happened before.

The internet costuming demons showing their sense of humor I suppose...

Granted, they were $15.00 instead of $2.99... so now I have a black
pair and a brown pair. And two pairs of cavalier boots. And... Hmmmmmm... I need to stop before I become the Imelda Marcos of the ren faire set.


1 comment:

  1. I'd always prefer black pair on my favorite josef seibel shoes...