14 April 2006


Tell you what... I'm going to stop making promises, okay?

Here's what distracted me this time: St Brigid's Hearth website. This is the new web location for all the stuff about renfaire, costuming, encampments and sundry whatnot that I've accumulated over the years. My wife and I have spent the past few weeks putting it all out there on the web for everyone to see... especially the folks in my renaissance troupe, but also anyone else who might find it useful.

I wrote just about everything on the site and took some of the pictures (most of the others are by my wife, Kristin, or select guildmembers) you might even find some things that that sound passing familiar from what I've written here, but elaborated upon.

I hope you find the new site useful. I still have a large amount of garb on the to do list, so expect this blog to be updated as I go along. As ever, it will happen in fits and starts. I'm a mental sprinter after all...