21 August 2012

Why We Need to Make It Ourselves

09 August 2012

Leather Jerkin: Taking It Out for a Spin

In a Washington summer, when you look out your door and see this, you know that your day is going to end in a hot and sweaty place. By the end of Saturday, I believe it was 95 down by Lake Union, and according to thermometers on the faire site were hitting 105.

Fear the morning fog.
The local wildlife loves their Lord Mayor!

For the record, I want to take this opportunity to officially deny that I use illegal Parrot Labor in the creation of any of my costumes. It never happened. I wasn't there. You haven't seen me.

Garb in action: The demands of a high-pressure task like being a music stand on a sunny day are easily met by my leather jerkin.  ACTION GARB!!!

Oppressing villagers is taxing work. It's a good thing I have my Action Garb to wear!


If you can't invest in infrastructure because you pillaged the road-building 
fund, the least you can do is invest in a few signs...

With these people behind me, how can I not attain a dukedom?

Honestly. It was a million degrees out there and I managed to keep doublet and jerkin on almost all day.

More later after I've recovered... in a week or two.

03 August 2012

Apropos of nothing...

The mask has chosen a new host. 
(Not Photoshopped, just a very patient kitty cat.)

01 August 2012

Get thee to faire!

There are exciting things afoot! I have a new project cooking which will debut in earnest as soon as I've finished being a disreputable politician (because none of us have enough of those in our lives) as the Lord Mayor of Merrywick at the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire!

The first three weekends of August in Bonney Lake, Washington.

Won't you come out and play with us?