26 February 2011

Painting the Jacket

Because it looks like this outside...

I decided to break into the paints and try my hand at decorating some leather.  

To recap: Because I wanted to do a steampunk jetpacked soldier, I decided I would commit to it one degree further than the others I've seen recently.  This meant thinking out the livery of the sky marines to a further degree than just colors and shoulder braid.

Anyway, having grown up admiring the painted ponies of the Confederate Air Force and the brightly-painted crop dusters that came to do tricks at the local air shows every summer back home.

The design is based upon Royal Air Force thought process for airplane livery and designations of the First World War.

My jacket will have a chequered design on the right shoulder and my number running down the sleeve in white.  

For the left shoulder, I plan the design to the right.  At the top, we'll have the British RAF bullseye superimposed by some sort of very steam punked air force design.  (The air ship shown in just a place-holder.)  Beneath that, the blue, white & red stripes like the tail of the Sopwith Camel up there.

On the back, I plan something elaborate and bold, but I only have the faintest of ideas as yet...  More on that once I have some sketches done. 

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