01 December 2005

Taking a Snow Day

It is snowing in the Puget Sound region which doesn't happen very often! So I'm going outside to play. Back tomorrow with a real update!!

Meanwhile enjoy this old picture I found on the hard drive of my old laptop of my wife & I shilling for the Washington Ren Faire at Seattle's "Folk Life Festival". Someone thrust a couple of parrots at us and took our picture.

Kristin is - as always - ravishing. I am... moderately well turned-out. That was one of the first five doublets I ever made, I think. The tabs at the collar were intended as an ad hoc supportasse for a ruff I never got around to making. The burgandy cotton is quilted so I still wear it when there's a nip in the air. The collar is made from plaque belts that I combined to (I think) good effect. I need to find a better picture of Kristin in that dress. The rusty velvet skirts are amazing, especially in the sunlight. I learned everything I know about sizing patterns mocking that bodice for her, which is a modification of one of Margot Anderson's.

God, was my hair ever really that long?
I look like Geddy Lee in garb.


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