18 December 2011

The Fez of Christmas Future

I haven't forgotten about you, dear friends. It's winter with a vengeance here in the Pacific Northwest, so anything involving outdoors is curtailed until the dank weather recedes a bit. Every iron I have in the fire at the moment will require a bit of the great outdoors, or at least not so much with the great indoors. In fact, a couple of the things I've got going will require actual irons in an actual fire... but more on that another time.

We're putting together a proper workshop here at Fool's Paradise, so we can work in all weather conditions. Starting in January, we'll be stretching and forming more leather, hand-building and blocking felt hats, and otherwise getting our hands dirty.

In the meantime, it's the only time of year you can walk around wearing jester's bells and not get stared at... um... as much. So enjoy it!

I doff my fez to one and all. May the seasons be merry and bright.
See you in the new year!


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