06 May 2012

The Lord Mayor photoshoot

The faire has been asking me for photos of my Lord Mayor, and I finally have enough of the costume done to take some character photos.  Today, we took advantage of the nice weather to do a proper photoshoot with props and all.
"Our Lord Mayor, the Right Honorable, Sir James Winterbottom likes to style himself as the consummate Elizabethan gentleman adventurer. Never mind that the Elizabethan adventurer is generally brave, stalwart, and daring, whilst Sir James is generally agreed to be devious, scheming, and greedy. Being an educated man, Sir James knows that being rich allows him to pay people to say he's those other things rather than go to the bother of being any of them. The passage of Her Majesty's court through his town is the perfect opportunity for Sir James to advance his fortunes and possibly buy his way into a proper title.
Do you solemnly swear you are up to no good? The Lord Mayor is always looking for minions! Visit him and as long as they promise to say nice things about him to the queen, he will induct thy children as members of the city watch, instructing them in the ancient arts of villainy and mischief."

Looking slightly perturbed at being interrupted as he counts his money...

A little too friendly for such a scoundrel...

More scoundrel!

MMmmmmmmm... pointy!

Just enough scoundrel! This is the one that will appear on the faire's website.

So you would like a loan, would you?

Reasonable interest rates!

I loved this one, but again, it's a bit too friendly.

The photographer said "Look more diabolical! Twirl your mustache or something!"

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