15 October 2005

Oh yeah! And...

Partly because I am deeply in-touch with my own fallability and partly because my wife is an engineer and she's rubbing off on me (ack! Dilbert cooties!) I will be prototyping this with a middle-class version of the same outfit. The doublet for the initial outfit shall be a mustard yellow with a rust jerkin in a heavy canvas. I will noodle with the pattern quite a bit, and use the canvas jerkin as my prototype for the pattern mods and the doublet as my beta test - so to speak.

Buttons will be the bead-buttons pictured here. (I love this image for some reason). I drove all over greater metropolitan Seattle looking for these so I'd have enough for the doublet and the jerkin! I'm using these because on the final garb I will be using pewter shank buttons cast from extant period examples that I bought online awhile back and have been waiting for an excuse to use. They attach much the same as these and are about the same size so any problems and/or solutions that occur with the beads should apply to the pewter ones.

Other alterations to the pattern I usually use will include:
- Collar will be integral to the back piece of the pattern
- A quilted collar ala Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion
- Overlapping front L over R to replace my usual buttonhole plaquette or lacing holes
- Some low-key embroidery just to get the feel for how best to decorate the final piece

Now... really I'm going to bed!

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