16 October 2005

Cutting & some sewing done...

I have all of the cutting-out done now and I've progressed to piecing the thing together.

Looks like I'm making the "Bat Doublet" with it all laid out like that, doesn't it?

The body of the doublet is interlined and turned and I'm taking a break from the handsewing to do some minor embroidery work on the panes of the sleevelets. I know that doesn't make sense, but it works for me. Something about the... I don't know why it just does. I'm embroidering by hand. Hopefully that will appease anyone who is appalled by the amount of machine sewing I've talked about doing on this project.

Since this is to be a lower middle class outfit, I'm keeping it simple and straightforward. Just a run of chain stitching along the edges to define things. I've always been attracted to a monochromatic scheme for my embroidery. Subtle. It goes back to what I said about designing for texture.

Oh! And for the record, I did do a mockup of the paned sleevelets in muslin and some tapestry fabric scraps we had lying around. Good thing too. I went through a couple these trying to get the length right and the correct width for the panes. Sometimes you have to know when to break even your own rules. The mockups got chopped up so many times I didn't bother taking a picture of them.

So far, I'm pleased with the results, though.

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