18 October 2005

A short one...

Quick Update...
Sadly life is not all four-day weekends and garb-o-thons, so this one will be quick and not incoporate a great deal. Mainly I have been cleaning up my quilting and handsewing the back seams.

If you're quilting something add two inches on all sides to account for 'quilt shrink'.
or, better stated:
Consult your experts before you start.

My wife is an avid quilter so I'm lucky. I may not claim to be an expert, but I'll call her that with no hesitation. So my quilt consultatn is in the next room when I need to ask a quilting question that will save me a boatload of fabric and stitch-pulling headaches. Remember that, folks... two inches of what she calls 'Quilt Shrink' as the quilting stitches pull the fabric down into the 'ditches' and thereby cause the fabric to contract and appear to have shrunk. Which turns out to be functionally true.

Anyway, I also sewed the peplum on so the thing actually looks like a jerkin now. Here's a quick picture before I head off to bed...

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