22 November 2005

Crewel World

Sorry for the obvious pun.

Since I'm still waiting for The Hotrod to get it's act together, I decided to keep myself from getting either too bored or too wrapped up in any video games by taking up the embroidery needle. Yeah, I called our sewing machine "The Hotrod" I told this was a guy's sewing site.

Anyway, for fun I did a raised satin stitch embroidery at the base of the neck using 1/4 of the tile design I used on my rapier carrier. Why at the base of the neck? No reason. I just thought it echoed the lines of the quilting and would look good there. Also there wouldn't be anything covering it up (baldrics and the like tend to cover the chest).

And - for those who didn't get the pun - this kind of embroidery is known (collectively) as "crewel work".

Mostly, I'm practicing because I plan to do some hand-embroidery on the final noble garment and I haven't done any embroidery in awhile.

It sort of looks like a glyph or
protective ward of some sort, doesn't it?
Speak this glyph and summon Great Cthulhu
from his watery home...

This shot is just to show the orientation.
I don't really plan to do any more, this is sort of a one-off
because I was bored and had a needle and thread handy...

A closeup of the (complete) design as
I incised it in the leather of my rapier carrier.

Oh! And for the record: Not all that long ago I said something to the effect of I avoided hand stitching if it wouldn't be better that way than doing it on the machine... I wanted to make it clear thatI don't think my embroidery is better than what a machine can do. Quite simply put: We don't have an embroidery machine so Scottie gets to practice his stitches.


  1. Scott--I wanted to give you mad props for how authentic your garb looks. Its like it stepped out of Arnold's PoF. From the quilting and hand embroidery, to the snipped collar. I am so excited watching your progress (and eventually, I'm sure it'll help me with my husbands garb). Your doublet looks to fit quite well in the mock-ups!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Wow! I've never had mad props before. As ever, many thanks, dear lady.

    I've read your husband's garb diary on your blog with great interest and look forward to the finished product. I like the ninja tabi on his drawing.

    Incidentally - since you use the same Blogger template I do - I am curious how you get the current projects pictures at the top like that?


  3. Hrm...wish I had an answer for you on that. The pic links at the top has some magical code that my hubby inserted into my blogger template. I will look into it and see if its possible to tease it out and tell you where to put it. He's a web designer, and this is way over my head...