12 November 2005

Irony, thy name is Cat

I went to great lengths a few days ago telling ya'll to watch their kitties while they're sewing. (I was born in Missouri, I have every right to use the word "ya'll" thank you very much) The title of the tip was "Cats Can't Spit" which is true: if a kitty gets a strand of embroidery floss or thread caught in his mouth, he can't get rid of it. The backward facing hairs on his tongue which make it ideal for grooming are death-dealers when they catch on something he'd rather not swallow. Much as he tries to work them out, the hairs pull them in. (Here's the ironic part) Ever tried to give a cat a pill? Oh they can spit alright! If it's medicine, they can launch it into next Tuesday and bite you in the process.

Every night as we're trying to force a pill down Figaro's throat I am haunted by the words 'Cats Can't Spit'.

God has a strange sense of humor.


  1. You've seen "How to give a cat a pill," surely? One of the funniest things ever. If not, here's a version: cat pill

    On another note, I've been enjoying your diary. You're not the only one with a doublet diary, really! It's just that mine's been dormant for almost a year as my husband's need for the thing went on hiatus. However, as I'm starting work on it again, I'm getting inspiration from other costumers, thank you very much! (You can see what I've got so far here.)

    One comment about the sleeves: You said something about the Arnold sleeves being unusual in that they are sewn in permanently rather than lacing in. But if you look at lots of images of Italian men from this period, you see very few laced-in sleeves (or evidence of the possibility, such as covering epaulets). Predominantly laced-in sleeves is an English thing. I still keep going back and forth about whether to make them removable for heat reasons or just sew the darned things on.

    Oh, and a bit of randomness: I do so enjoy the fact that you know how to deploy the word myriad appropriately.

  2. I familiar with your doublet diary for your husband. I stumbled across it while researching Moroni and I am thrilled to hear you're back at work on it.

    I suppose I should have said "unusual for ren faire" but what I really meant was "it constantly astounds me how inaccurate we really are most of the time". ;o)

    Thanks for the link! Yup, that's pretty much what it's like!
    Thank God that's over.